Travel agent deceived a hundred Russians for 10 million rubles and went to court

E1.RU: 6.5 years in prison was requested for a travel agent who had misappropriated 10 million rubles

herself about 10 million rubles for the vouchers, and went to court. This is reported by E1.RU.

In the Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg, the state prosecutor requested 6.5 years in prison for a travel agent from Lesnoy Tatyana Perminova, who in 2018 sold vouchers to tourists for 10 million rubles, and in In 2019, she closed her firm and did not fulfill her obligations. In court, the woman could not explain where she spent the money and why she did not return the funds to the clients.

According to the deceived Russians (109 plaintiffs in total), Perminova deliberately delayed the investigation process for two years – all this time the woman was free and lived an ordinary life. The travel agent's defense draws attention to the active assistance to the investigation, the state of health and the positive characteristics of Perminova.

“The defense and the fraudster at the last stage reported that they believed that all the victims, buying vacation vouchers, were not on the verge of death, and this money should not be considered a big loss, “one of the participants in the process told the publication.

It is reported that all Perminova's property has been transferred to her relatives. The verdict in the case is scheduled to be announced on December 9, 2021.

Earlier in November, the employees of a cafe in Budapest decided to deceive a foreign tourist and brought him a cup of coffee for 210 thousand forints (about 50 thousand rubles).

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