The woman spoke about the difficulties of life with a seventh breast size

A woman with a seventh breast size complained that others grab her bust on the street

A resident of Manchester spoke about the difficulties of living with a seventh breast size. The Sun has published the relevant story.

40-year-old writer and journalist Sarah Williams said that her breasts grew dramatically at the age of 14, and since then, those around her have regularly violated her privacy, paying attention on her figure. The heroine of the material admitted that she was called “the lady with huge jugs.” In addition, men and women grabbed a woman's bust on the street and in public places, thereby assessing it, trying to convict her of plastic surgery.

Williams also complained that her bulky breasts interfered with her work more than once. “At least four bosses called me into their offices to discuss my overly sexy and defiant appearance. I was advised to wear bulky clothes to the office. One colleague even told me that I looked like an elite prostitute, although I was in closed clothes from head to toe, ”she shared, adding that she remembered this insult for a long time.

Nevertheless, the British assured that over the long years of her life with big breasts she learned to joke in response to such statements. According to her, now she treats the comments about her bust with humor.

In addition, the writer emphasized that there is no connection between a large breast size and insufficiently high intelligence. “All my life I was ashamed of my figure, hiding it under huge clothes, my confidence was influenced by every comment, which is why I hated my breasts. Now I accept myself for who I am, “she concluded.

In January 2020, the owner of the eighth breast size solved the problem of women with huge bust. England resident Katy Payne launched the Katherine Hamilton lingerie brand, specializing in plus size.



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