Supplier of rotten police shirts arrested

Kommersant: the supply of low-quality shirts for the Ministry of Internal Affairs resulted in a criminal case shirts for the needs of the police. This is reported by Kommersant.

The state contract for 564.5 million rubles was concluded in 2017 with BMF LLC. According to the investigation, the manufacturer used semi-rotten threads in production, which caused the clothes to wear out quickly. The victims were the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the Russian Federation, since the purchases took place within the framework of the state defense order.

The purchases resulted in a criminal case, the damage of which exceeds 270 million rubles. The general director of the supplier company Boris Lyashuk, who is the only person involved in the large-scale fraud case, does not admit his guilt.

On November 8, it became known that the investigation had brought the final indictment to the general director of the Barysh meat processing plant, Alexander Kotlinsky. According to the Investigative Committee, in 2015, with the supply of 1.2 million individual food rations (IRP) to the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the company partially replaced beef in buckwheat porridge with beef, stewed meat and “Tender” pate with chicken meat and potato starch. As a result, the share of meat products in dry rations was only 4 percent instead of 37. Similar claims were made to the quality for 4 million IRP for the Ministry of Defense. The damage in the case is estimated at 220 million rubles.



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