The immunologist has denied the ability of the omicron-strain to replace the vaccine

Immunologist Kryuchkov: there is currently no data on the ability of the omicron to replace the vaccine -the strain to replace the coronavirus vaccine in an interview with the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva.

“Many experts are beginning to fantasize that omicron is a salvation, a“ live vaccine ”. And this is not an opinion – not even the mainstream. But it is from scratch – without factual data, it is wishful thinking, “he commented, pointing out that many of these are currently absent.

At the same time, Kryuchkov drew attention to the fact that such statements can reduce the rate of vaccination. According to him, some of those who planned to get vaccinated may now change their minds. “They have already been informed that we have a gift for the New Year: the vaccine is live, free, and there is no need to go anywhere. We get infected and everything will be fine, ”he said. This, in turn, is dangerous with a new outbreak of the disease.

Earlier, the virologist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Chumakov suggested that the omicron strain of coronavirus could become a live vaccine, since it has reduced pathogenicity. He explained that people who become infected with the new strain will become resistant to disease-causing variants