The danger of unused bank cards is identified

Skolkovo-NES expert Semerikov: a commission may be withdrawn from “dead” cards

Possession of so-called “dead” bank cards ( which a person does not use) can lead to unwanted fees, imposing services and risks of data leakage. Such dangers were named by RIA Novosti by Ekaterina Semerikova, head of research at the Center for the Study of Financial Technologies and Digital Economy at Skolkovo-NES.

For some of these cards, a commission may be charged that the client did not know or have forgotten about. Often one of the conditions for free service is the minimum amount of card transactions that must be made within a certain period. Clients who previously used the card as a salary project with automatic free service lose this privilege, switching to another, Semerikova noted.

The expert also recalled that fraudsters can get access to a person's personal data, even if he has forgotten , who is a client of the bank and does not use the services of a financial institution.

Earlier, Oleg Lagutkin, the general director of the Equifax BCI, called the danger of salary cards. The bank can connect the overdraft service to the holder of such a card, which allows you to write off more money from the account than there is on it, that is, go to the minus on the card.



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