The city with the world's longest traffic jams is named

“BBC”: the city with the most congested roads in the world was London

Inrix navigation service analyzed traffic on the roads in large cities of the world and found out that it was most intense in London. The capital of Great Britain in 2021 topped the ranking of the places with the longest traffic jams, according to the BBC.

Over the entire 2021, London drivers spent an average of 148 hours to overcome congestion – just one percent less. than before the coronavirus pandemic, and significantly more than in other metropolitan areas. Paris is named next in terms of traffic congestion – there this year drivers stood in traffic jams for 140 hours on average. The third place was taken by Brussels (134 hours), and the fourth and fifth – by Moscow (108) and New York (102).

In 2020, London took 16th place in the ranking. According to experts, the traffic load increased at the beginning of the pandemic with the appearance in the British capital of a large number of bike lanes, for which it was necessary to cut the width of highways.

However, the charity organization Cycling UK disputed this statement. Activists believe that one should not blame the increase in the number of traffic jams on bike paths – they give the transport system the right balance and the ability to avoid wasting time on congestion in case of emergency. The problem, according to experts, lies in the too strong dependence of the population on cars.

Earlier, Russia proposed to introduce a toll inside the Moscow Ring Road in order to avoid traffic jams during rush hour. As part of the initiative, they urged to take 100 rubles from the drivers. Public transport, emergency vehicles, taxis and motorcycles can travel free of charge, and discounts have been offered for beneficiaries.