The child insulted his father's new wife and learned the unexpected truth about his own mother

The man told his son, who was sure that his father was cheating on his wife, that his mother was unfaithful

A Reddit user shared a story about how he had to reveal to his son the unexpected truth about his mother. The man explained that he took such a step, since the boy hated his new family and insulted his wife. The child was sure that before the divorce, his father was not faithful to his wife and cheated on her with the woman with whom he later married.

“My ex-wife and I divorced 9 years ago because she cheated on me with my friend in our own house when our four-month-old son was sleeping in the next room,” he said, adding that the divorce was hard for all family members. According to the author of the post, he and his wife agreed not to disclose to the children the real reason for the divorce until they grow up.

The hero of the story told that a few years later he married another woman, in their marriage daughter. His older children from their first marriage refused to see their father's new wife and half-sister, but the narrator was unable to find out the reason for their dislike.

According to the author of the post, his wife once tried to establish contact with his children, and in return they insulted her. “They called my wife a whore and told her they didn't want to see our 'illegitimate child',” he said.

The man was very angry and called his son to clarify the situation. “He said he hates my wife. His mother told the children that I cheated on her with a woman who later became my wife. This is a lie, because I didn’t even know her before the divorce, ”he said. As a result, the man had to tell his son that his mother was unfaithful in marriage.

“I told him that if he doesn't believe, I can show a paternity test. I took the test because his mother did not know who the real father of our child was. She cheated on me for many years, ”said the man. In response, the guy remained silent and hung up.

The author of the post asked other users whether he did the right thing by revealing the truth to the children. Many commentators took his side. They assured the man that he shouldn't worry, because his ex-wife herself raised a topic that they agreed not to bring up.



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