Scientists managed to photograph the omicron-strain of coronavirus

The University of Hong Kong first took a photograph of the omicron coronavirus strain

Scientists from the University of Hong Kong managed to photograph the omicron strain for the first time. This is reported on the website of the scientific institution.

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Researchers made an electron micrograph of a kidney cell (Vero E6) of a monkey infected with an omicron. On it, they saw damage with swollen vesicles containing viral particles. With strong magnification, they were able to see clusters of characteristic spherical objects with crown-shaped spikes on their surface.

Earlier, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London found that, according to a mathematical model built by an international group of scientists, – the COVID-19 strain is spreading twice as fast as the delta variant. The results obtained confirmed the early hypothesis of faster transmission of the virus from person to person. However, it is still unclear what exactly the rate of spread is connected with: with the increased infectivity of a new strain of coronavirus or with its ability to evade an immune response.



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