Dr. Myasnikov warned about the dangers of the popular way to lose weight

Doctor Alexander Myasnikov: fasting can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases On the air of the program “On the most important” on the channel “Russia 1”, he said that such a popular method of losing weight can exacerbate chronic diseases. The release is available on YouTube.

“Starvation is unnatural to the very nature of any creature: a bird, an insect, a person, if not fed, dies and dies,” the doctor said. The doctor added that fasting can indeed be used for medicinal purposes, but you cannot prescribe it yourself. According to Myasnikov, this mechanism is “much more complicated than any surgical operation.” In addition, he noted that the release of the body from a state of hunger causes swelling and hormonal imbalance. “It can help someone, but this is Russian roulette,” the specialist assured.

“There are much more effective and durable power systems, everything is invented,” the doctor concluded and recommended that viewers not “engage in extreme sports”.

Earlier, Myasnikov said that taking drugs “under the tongue” can provoke serious health problems. According to the doctor, the well-known drug captopril is one of the prohibited drugs. The doctor noted that self-treatment with such drugs is fraught with heart attack, stroke and acute renal failure.



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