Russian teacher fired over Instagram video of dancing in her underwear

In Novosibirsk, a Russian language and literature teacher was fired for dancing in her underwear

In Novosibirsk, a 23-year-old teacher was fired from school -for a video of a dance in lingerie, which she posted on her personal Instagram page. This is reported by the NGS news portal.

Victoria Kashirina taught Russian language and literature at Online Gymnasium No. 1. According to the Russian woman, in her free time she is engaged in pole dance. However, the parents of the students did not like her hobby, they were outraged when the teacher posted a video with a dance on a social network.

The mother of one of the students asked not to post such content due to the fact that her daughter was subscribed to the teacher, or to change work. “Could you please not post this kind of frank video or close it! My daughter is watching, your authority is clearly not a teacher or change your profession, “one of the parents wrote.

After the teacher refused, the director called her, who also suggested removing the video. Then the girl was asked to write a statement of her own free will and threatened to be fired under the article for immoral behavior.

Novokollege director Sergei Chernyshov supported the teacher and said that it was stupid to fire her because of the video, while he added that the teacher – “ not members of a monastic order ”, they are the same people. He offered the dismissed Kashirina a job in her educational institution if she is a good teacher.

Earlier it was reported that a ninth-grader from the Novosibirsk region was harassed by classmates because of a 32-year-old teacher who showed him a striptease. The locals began to persecute him, as he allegedly first seduced the teacher, and then he set her up. After the incident, the teacher had to quit school and leave the village.



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