Russian cosmetologist revealed the cause of acne in winter

Cosmetologist Olga Petrunina explained that rashes are provoked by bacteria on dirty clothes She spoke on this topic on the air of radio Sputnik.

The specialist said that acne on the skin is formed due to the fact that people wash clothes less often in the cold season compared to the summer period. According to her, rashes provoke bacteria on dirty things. “People wrap themselves in winter clothes that are not washed or are not washed often enough,” she explained.

For this reason, the expert advised the audience to carefully monitor the cleanliness of wardrobe items and wash them on time. At the same time, Petrunina clarified that it does not matter what material the outerwear, scarves or collars are made of.

In addition, the beautician gave recommendations on skin care in case of acne. According to her, first of all, it is necessary to consult a specialist, and not to self-medicate. “I have many clients who come after self-medication with the means they learned about from advertisements on TV or from bloggers, and in order to be treated, you need to determine the nature of the rash on the face,” the woman explained.

Petrunina explained, that red rashes are best treated with care cosmetics with azelaic acid, and abscesses with salicylic acid. In case of allergies, you need to drink an antihistamine. In conclusion, the beautician said that usually the chin is the most problematic area of ​​the face.

In February, the methods of dealing with acne and post-acne of the popular model scared the doctors. “I apply toothpaste pointwise on the inflammations, and they dry out. I can go to hell for saying this, but this is my method, ”said Gigi Hadid. According to dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, the method mentioned by the model is not only ineffective, but can also provoke inflammation and harm health.



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