Employee who has sued the largest compensation for racism, the employee is disappointed in Tesla again

Bloomberg: employee who has sued $ 137 million for racism is disappointed in Tesla dollars for racism, said she did not learn from the jury decision, writes Bloomberg. Owen again became disillusioned with Tesla and called on the court to uphold the verdict, which she decided to challenge.

“If the court does not hold Tesla fully responsible for its behavior, it will continue to behave in the same reprehensible way,” the victim said employee. According to Diaz, Tesla's desire for a new trial indicates that it still hasn't learned its lesson.

In early October, a jury ordered Tesla to pay 53-year-old Diaz $ 137 million for racial discrimination – 130 million dollars in fine and 6.9 million dollars in moral damages. The award was the largest compensation in US history for a racial discrimination case.



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