Russian children will be sent to schools and kindergartens of a new type

Izvestia: construction of kindergartens and schools from wood will begin in Russia – using load-bearing wooden structures. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to a corresponding order sent to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Construction by Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko.

It is assumed that schools, kindergartens, medical institutions and other social facilities will be built from wood. This will speed up the construction of such buildings and reduce the cost of construction by up to 15 percent.

Commenting on the initiative, the deputy head of Dom.rf Anton Finogenov noted that wooden buildings are no longer associated with fragility – they are not inferior in their characteristics, and in many respects they are superior to objects made of concrete. The construction of buildings made of wood contributes to the creation of an environmentally more favorable environment, the expert emphasized.

The use of wooden house kits can speed up the construction process by one and a half to two times, said Daniil Katrichenko, director of the Genpro project company. But, according to Evgeny Loskutov, a member of the Delovaya Rossiya committee on construction, the government initiative will not be able to solve the problem of the shortage of social facilities – for this purpose it is necessary to increase targeted federal funding.

The Ministry of Construction told Izvestia that issues of constructive security construction of multi-storey buildings made of wood has already been preliminarily settled.

Earlier it was reported that in Amsterdam, in the construction of all houses from 2025, it will be obliged to use wood. The city administration expects that in this way it will be possible to reduce the dependence on steel and concrete harmful to the planet – a large amount of carbon dioxide is emitted during the production of these materials.



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