Poklonskaya promised not to miss Crimea in Cape Verde

Ambassador Natalia Poklonskaya promised not to miss Crimea in Cape Verde

Russian Ambassador to Cape Verde Natalia Poklonskaya told how departure to another country and answered the question of whether she would miss Crimea. Her words were heard in an interview with Tatler magazine.

“I will not allow myself to be bored, because you never need to be discouraged and bored,” Poklonskaya promised in response to a journalist's question. She added that she will remember the peninsula with joy. “I am not Natalia Poklonskaya, I am Russia there. And it should look dignified, “the diplomat emphasized.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation also shared that she had already prepared instructions for the chef of the consulate. According to her, on days when there are no receptions, they will cook fried potatoes with onions and garlic, Ukrainian borsch, dumplings with cottage cheese and pancakes.

In the second half of October, it was reported that Poklonskaya would arrive in Cape Verde during the month, until mid-November. Even then, the ambassador was collecting and preparing for the move, but she had not yet gone to a new place of work.

On October 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed ex-State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya as ambassador to the African republic of Cape Verde. Poklonskaya admitted that she had long dreamed of trying herself in the diplomatic field.



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