Infectionist spoke about rashes in patients with COVID-19

Infectionist Timakov called a rash on the body a frequent symptom in patients with COVID-19

In patients with COVID-19, including children , various rashes on the body often appear, a pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, vaccinologist Yevgeny Timakov told

Rashes in children with coronavirus, especially with the delta strain, have been before, the expert said. According to the specialist, there is even an atlas of rashes that appear in patients with COVID-19.

‚ÄúThere is a concept in children such as covid fingers – these are fingers as if frostbitten, such a burn. These rashes also existed, plus we have the concept of a multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which was present in the previous strains too – this is a complication of the coronavirus, when a vasculitis-type rash appears on the body. Rashes are different for coronavirus, they are often, “- said Timakov.

The physician said that rashes are alarming symptoms and require monitoring, since depending on the severity of the rash, one can judge how the inflammatory process proceeds in the body.

Earlier, British physician David Lloyd said that 15 percent of children who become ill with the new omicron strain have an unusual rash.



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