Former hotel worker made a fortune selling intimate photos and videos

The South American moved to the UK and became a millionaire thanks to OnlyFans got rich selling intimate photos and videos. The story of the millionaire is published by LADbible.

Mia Karina, a 20-year-old native of South America, said that she grew up in a poor Catholic family and dreamed of moving to Europe. In 2018, the girl met her future husband, 28-year-old Briton Mark Howard. A man came to South America for an internship and found Karina's profile on Tinder. The couple soon got married and moved to the UK.

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The couple worked in hotels and together received about 1.3 thousand pounds a month (128 thousand rubles). According to Karina, this money was barely enough for a living, and she tried to find alternative sources of income. Soon, Howard's friend told him about OnlyFans and invited Karina to register on the platform.

Karina decided to create an account, which very quickly became popular and began to bring in a monthly income of 220 thousand pounds (21.7 million rubles). Currently, the girl's income continues to grow: she began to build a house for her parents, bought several cars worth more than 45 thousand pounds (4.4 million rubles) and filled her wardrobe with designer clothes.

According to the OnlyFans star, most of she and her husband spend money on traveling around the world. Karina admitted that she is happy with the new way of life, but she is afraid that her strict parents will not accept her choice. So far, they are confident that the daughter has gotten rich in the stock market. “I’ll see my parents at Christmas and maybe I’ll tell them if it comes up. Until now, I kept everything a secret, because I was afraid that they would not understand me, “said the girl.

Earlier it was reported that a couple from the UK decided to quit their job in order to spend more time with their children. and started making money selling intimate photos and videos online. The British successfully combine parenting and content preparation: when children go to bed, they start filming videos.



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