British doctors have named an unusual symptom of the omicron strain in children

British doctor Lloyd: children infected with the omicron strain show unusual symptom

British doctor David Lloyd named an unusual symptom the omicron strain of children. He announced this on the air of the Sky News TV channel.

The expert noted that there is a difference between the symptoms of the disease in adults and children. Lloyd added that only a small group of patients with COVID-19 have always had rashes, however, according to him, “up to 15 percent of children with omicron experience a rash, an unusual rash.”

“Doctors are gradually learning more about this virus strain. Let's hope that this option is not as deadly as delta and that we can deal with it. But yes, the times are alarming, “the expert summed up.

Earlier, the head of the Yekaterinburg Research Institute of Viral Infections at the Vector Center of Rospotrebnadzor, Alexander Semyonov, spoke about faster pneumonia with the omicron strain of coronavirus. As the scientist explained, omicron, like the delta strain, is more trope, that is, it is capable of interacting with the epithelium of the lungs – the lower respiratory tract. Therefore, it causes pneumonia faster.



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