Ukraine named three “fuses” against Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Piskun explained the hysteria on the topic of a possible “invasion” of Russia

explained why there is such hysteria in the country about a possible “invasion” of the Russian military. He named three “safety devices” thanks to which Moscow will definitely not attack Kiev.

“” You know that “Putin will attack” – this was done on purpose only so that protest moods would not arise inside the country I give 100 percent that Putin will not attack if we do not have a coup d'état, secondly, if we do not have an offensive by our military on the territory of Donbass or Crimea, and thirdly, if we do not have missiles with atomic warheads of NATO countries – these are three fuses, “- said the ex-prosecutor general.

Earlier it became known that the official representative of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) John Kirby at a briefing with reporters doubted that the allegedly planned invasion of Russia to Ukraine is inevitable. ”However, he added that Washington is worried about the growing number of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, without any information about their intentions.



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