The State Duma explained the US interest in “tension” in Ukraine

State Duma Deputy Shkhagoshev: US military lobbyists have chosen Ukraine as a place of tension

American troops from Afghanistan, their military lobbyists needed to find a new place of tension in the world and the situation around Ukraine became their main area of ​​interest.

Earlier, a senior White House official said that the United States believed that Russia was ready to attack Ukraine with three sides. He noted that Washington does not know whether Russian President Vladimir Putin made a decision on the readiness to “invade Ukraine.”

According to the deputy, US military lobbyists often choose high-ranking speakers in different countries who make statements – for which tension remains on the border of Russia and Ukraine. The politician also noted that military lobbyists need to master the huge funds of the American defense industry. According to him, this is the sole purpose of pursuing such a policy and increasing the number of statements on the topic of assistance to Ukraine.

“When they lost in Afghanistan, left where they spent hundreds of billions of dollars, the military lobby had to find another place of stress in the world. They chose Ukraine, “Shkhagoshev summed up.

Previously, he estimated the likelihood of a Russian attack on Ukraine. According to the politician, Russia will not attack Ukraine, and the only thing that can happen at the present time is the provocation of the Ukrainian side in Donbass.



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