The reason for the popularity of marketplaces in Russia is named

Representatives of the e-commerce market spoke about the popularity of marketplaces and online services

drugs without leaving home. At the same time, their delivery time reaches 20 minutes, Dmitry Zhulin, co-founder of SberMarket, told as part of a special project dedicated to the 180th anniversary of Sberbank.

“For a buyer, an online delivery service is an opportunity to get favorite goods, without leaving home, including over-the-counter medicines. The buyer has access to a wide range of goods that will be brought home within 20 to 60 minutes, “Zhulin said.

Zhulin also named the most popular categories of goods that users order. So, most often customers are delivered fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, bread, poultry, cheese, water. At the same time, the average weight of a parcel is five kilograms.

“The popularity of the home delivery service is growing, the pandemic has had a strong impact on this process, but this is not the only factor. Users began to trust online payments more, services provide high-level services – for example, they return money if the client is not satisfied with the product or the delivery speed. All this influences a person's decision when he thinks whether to go to the store or place an online order. Now the e-grocery market is only a few percent, we have room to grow in the future, “- emphasizes the co-founder of SberMarket.

The special project of is timed to coincide with the 180th anniversary of Sberbank. It details the large-scale technological and social transformations that humanity is undergoing in connection with the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. These changes are already affecting genetics, bioengineering, medicine, economics, education and other key areas. Leading experts of Sberbank became the speakers of the project.



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