The man agreed to an open relationship with his wife and regretted

A Reddit user tried an open relationship with his wife and realized his loneliness relationships in which partners allow each other to cheat, and regretted. According to the author of the post, due to the change in his marriage, he realized that he was completely alone. Many commentators sympathized with the man and criticized the concept of an open relationship.

As @fudgeitis said, he and his wife have been together for over 15 years and have gone through many difficulties during that time. “We have always been honest and open with each other, always supported each other and were there when no one was with us,” the author noted. However, about two years ago, the spouse began to talk about the fact that partners can get tired of each other and decide to cheat.

In the end, the couple had a heart-to-heart talk and agreed to try an open relationship. “We set the ground rules [for open relationships], agreed that it's just for fun and stuff,” @fudgeitis said. According to the man, he wanted his wife to believe in herself thanks to the changes in her marriage. The concept of an open relationship really had a positive impact on his spouse. “She's on the rise and has been on numerous dates. And she also has many friends, ”the man shared. At the same time, the Reddit user assured that it seemed to him that thanks to the innovation in marriage, their relationship with his wife also improved, they began to love each other more.

However, at some point, @fudgeitis realized that he was single and an open relationship was not suitable for him. “I realized that no one likes me, I have no friends, all my relatives have died, and such a relationship is not for me,” the hero of the story complained. The Reddit user added that he is not depressed, but he wants someone to pay attention to him.

Many commentators who read the story of @fudgeitis sympathized with him. Some users advised the author to ask his wife to introduce him to someone or to talk honestly with his wife about his experiences. Other users expressed their belief that the concept of an open relationship rarely benefits marriage, and especially men. “Open relationships are always a failure for men.” Even women who look below average find it easier to find a partner than attractive guys, “the users said.

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