The psychiatrist explained the actions of the one who opened the shooting at the MFC

Psychiatrist Kazantsev: the gunman at the MFC may have post-traumatic stress syndrome could open fire due to mental problems associated with post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD, a mental disorder arising from traumatic events in the psyche – approx. “” ). This opinion was shared with “” by the chief physician of the clinic “Dependency24”, psychiatrist Alexey Kazantsev.

“For PTSD, especially if it is associated with other personality disorders, this behavior can be typical. People who have gone through hot spots rarely turn to psychotherapists or clinical psychologists to work through their traumas and the situations that happened to them. And they stay with it for the rest of their lives, unfortunately, ”he explained. The psychiatrist noted that these kinds of experiences are often similar to neurosis-like states, they are intrusive and difficult to treat. Good therapy, conducted by a professional, can help to level the manifestations of PTSD, however, people in professions associated with violence often do not turn to psychologists and psychiatrists.

One of the manifestations of PTSD, as Kazantsev said, can be overreacting in a conflict situation. As, for example, did the shooter who opened fire in response to a request to put on a mask. “There are a lot of anti-waxers, but a healthy person in his place would start to get annoyed, turn around and leave or enter into a verbal skirmish. A man of war who has gone through hot spots is a man of action who behaves according to the principle of “hit and run”. Only here he does not run, but starts shooting at people, “the specialist said.

Kazantsev noted that it is too early to draw any conclusions, a psychiatric examination should figure everything out.

Earlier on December 7, an unknown person opened fire at the MFC in the southeast of Moscow, as a result of which two people were killed. The media reported that the attacker was 45-year-old Sergei Glazov. According to a number of publications, Glazov served in the army and had the rank of lieutenant colonel. He retired in 2010.