The United States prepared to evacuate citizens from Ukraine after the “invasion” of Russia

CNN: US authorities are preparing to evacuate citizens from Ukraine in the event of a “Russian invasion”

Official Washington is preparing to evacuate US citizens from Ukraine in case “Russian invasion”. The CNN television company writes about this, citing sources.

This plan is being developed by the Pentagon. In addition, the administration of US President Joe Biden is informing Congress about how the American authorities are preparing for a potential invasion.

CNN sources emphasized that it is not yet known to US officials whether the Russian authorities really intend to send troops into Ukraine. … However, the American side is already observing a “huge concentration of forces” near the Russian-Ukrainian border.

At the same time, the United States, together with the European Union, have already worked out economic measures against Russia in case of its invasion of Ukraine. According to the representative of the American administration, this will cause “significant and serious damage to the Russian economy if they decide to do this.”



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