The main obstacle of Ukraine on the way to becoming a successful state is named

Specialist on the post-Soviet space Suzdaltsev: Ukrainian elites are robbing the country the main obstacle that stands in the way of Ukraine and prevents it from becoming a successful state.

He noted that in Ukraine at all times there have been problems with the elite, which plundered the country, as now. For this reason, it is useless for Russia to try to become its curator again, the expert noted. According to him, a number of State Duma deputies of Ukrainian origin are expressing the idea that Russia needs to take Ukraine under its wing again and help in the construction of roads, nuclear power plants, factories and other infrastructure.

“But this is all until the next section. I remind you that we took Ukraine on bail three times (since the 17th century), and then it was again plundered and taken away. Because there are problems with the elite, “Suzdaltsev said.

He added that Ukraine had a chance to become a successful country without Russia's help, when it was a large state with a large population, with its own resources and excellent Soviet inheritance, but it all turned out to be looted over the course of several years.

Earlier, a military expert, editor of the Arsenal Otechestva magazine, Aleksey Leonkov, named the factors that, in his opinion, keep Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy from unleashing a war with Russia … The specialist noted that the United States is currently not ready to give up its interests in Ukraine, but they also do not intend to fight with Russia, which is why Washington does not command Zelensky to enter into a direct conflict with Moscow.



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