The influence of the new COVID-19 strain on the New Year plans of Russian tourists is revealed

The new COVID-19 strain did not affect the plans of Russians for the New Year

Dmitry Gorin, Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), revealed the influence of the new COVID-19 strain omicron on the New Year plans of domestic tourists. The newspaper Izvestia writes about this.

According to him, Russians are still actively booking trips for the winter holidays. ‚ÄúThere is no security threat status. Therefore, so far sales of tours for the New Year have not decreased either abroad or in Russia, “the expert said.

The expert added that the most massive tourist destinations are currently Turkey, Egypt, Dominican Republic, UAE, Cuba , since these countries did not change the rules of entry due to the emergence of a new strain.

In addition, Gorin noted that due to the increase in the number of countries available to Russian travelers, air tickets to a number of destinations fell in price. So, the average check for a flight abroad in December is 9.1 thousand one way, and in 2020 it was 15.3 thousand rubles.

Earlier in December, Honored Doctor of Russia, doctor-epidemiologist and academician RAS Gennady Onishchenko urged Russians who were planning a trip to Egypt or Turkey to surrender their tickets. In his opinion, the emergence of a new strain of COVID-10 should be a signal for people to get vaccinated or revaccinated.



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