The girl revealed a way to get rich on her own clothes

Australian Brittany McQuaid made money by renting personal belongings

The Australian has revealed a way to get rich from clothes from her own wardrobe. The corresponding story is quoted by the Daily Mail.

Melbourne resident Brittany McQuade said that she earns money by renting out personal belongings. The girl publishes photos of her dresses, festive outfits, accessories and shoes on the specialized platform The Volte and on the Rent My Dress Aus Instagram account, to which more than 10 thousand people are subscribed.

Clients have the opportunity to receive a dress for a few days luxury brand Eliya the Label for 75 dollars (5581 rubles), while its cost in the store is 300 dollars (22.3 thousand rubles). According to the businesswoman, in total she received 80 thousand dollars for this thing: more than a thousand people rented it.

The heroine of the material admitted that her annual income exceeded 200 thousand dollars (14.7 million rubles). It is noted that with the money she received, she managed to buy a house, as well as launch her own clothing brand, Day Club The Label. “I am glad that I help women and earn money myself. I wash and iron all the dresses by hand, ”concluded McQuaid.

In September, another woman quit her job, started her own business and became rich in six weeks. Former Spanish teacher Maria Wilkes founded Candid Beauté, which manufactures products for the care of eyelashes and facial skin. Wilkes said she earned six figures in just six weeks after launch.