The girl revealed a dangerous secret and died in a grave dug with her own hands

Brazilian Albach dug her own grave and died from a gunshot wound made her dig a grave, writes The Sun.

The girl lived in Fazenda Rio Grande and came to Santa Catarina for a friend's birthday. The 21-year-old Brazilian has not been in touch since November 14. All this time the police were looking for her. On suspicion of murder on Sunday, December 5, two men and a woman were detained. One of the suspects told where the body was buried and confessed to the murder. The corpse was found on the beach of Irapiruba Norte de Laguna.

As noted by the arrested person, he shot the girl on November 15 and left her in his own grave. The motive was that Albach accused him of drug dealing. According to the suspect, she revealed a dangerous secret to “third parties.” The investigation into the murder continues.

Earlier it was reported that in Velikiye Luki, Pskov region, a Russian drove his pregnant wife to suicide, beat her for several years and took her to the cemetery, where he “forced to dig his own graves.”