The future chancellor of Germany spoke about the troops near the borders of Ukraine

Future German Chancellor Scholz: we are concerned about the movement of troops near the borders of Ukraine … This was stated at a press conference by the future German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, RIA Novosti reports.

“Security and cooperation in Europe envisage the observance of the principles on which we agreed during the long processes of the policy of detente in 1970-1980,” – said the politician. He stressed that the inviolability of state borders belongs to the indicated principles.

Scholz noted that the creation of a threat to Ukraine through military pressure is unacceptable. In his opinion, US President Joe Biden will express a similar position during the upcoming contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On December 4, American intelligence “discovered” that Russia was planning an invasion of Ukrainian territory, and drew up a map of the proposed offensive against several fronts. The Kremlin denied these allegations and announced an information campaign from the West aimed at presenting Moscow as a threat to the settlement process in Ukraine.