Taliban oppose UN decision to represent Afghanistan

The Taliban demanded that the UN reconsider the verdict on the Afghan representative

The terrorist movement “Taliban” that seized power in Afghanistan in Russia) opposed the decision of the United Nations Organization (UN) to keep the Afghan representative’s place in the organization after the ambassador appointed by the former government of the republic. This was announced on Tuesday by the deputy press secretary of the movement, Inamulla Samangani, reports TASS.

“It is unfair to transfer a seat in the UN to someone who does not represent the Afghan government and the people of Afghanistan. This seat should be given to the country's legal representatives, ”the Taliban spokesman said. He noted that the UN should rationally reconsider its verdict.

According to TASS, on December 6 at the UN General Assembly meeting, the recommendations of the accreditation committee were taken into account, which advised to postpone the decision on the representatives of Afghanistan and Myanmar. This means that diplomat Ghulam Iskhakzai, appointed by former President Ashraf Ghani, will remain the representative of Afghanistan.

Earlier, the leader of the radical movement Haybatullah Akhundzada ordered to take measures to ensure the rights of women in Afghanistan. He called a woman a noble and free person and stressed that she is not a property. Akhundzada banned the forced marriage of Afghan women and secured them the right to determine their future.



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