Russia assessed the reaction of regional parliaments to the law on QR codes

RBC: discussion about mandatory QR codes provoked a serious emotional reaction in regional parliaments, but at the same time public discussion helped to reduce the accumulation of social tension. Thus, the draft law was assessed by experts from the Petersburg Politics Foundation, writes RBC.

It is noted that five regions have not begun discussion, these are the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg, the Sverdlovsk Region, the Altai Territory and Sevastopol. 45 subjects supported the government's initiative.

“The changes that are proposed to us – we are already living on them. And if we choose between death and life, we, of course, choose life. We have chosen to unconditionally support the government of the Russian Federation “, – said the speaker of the regional Duma of the Kaliningrad region Andrei Kropotkin.

In three regions, the introduction of QR codes was not immediately supported, but in the end they agreed to their introduction, 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation have not yet made a final decision, the discussion continues there.

Experts from Petersburg Politics noted that the bill passed through regional parliaments in different ways, somewhere it was approved quickly and unanimously, and absentee voting or discussion at the level of committees was also allowed.

Draft amendments on the use of QR codes in public places, which confirm the fact of vaccination against COVID-19 or a previous illness, were submitted to the State Duma on November 12.



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