One in ten Europeans was predicted to be infected with coronavirus

WHO Representative Kluge: 1 in 10 Europeans will be infected with COVID-19 by the end of the week … Such a development of events was predicted by the director of the regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO) Hans Kluge, reports TASS.

The WHO representative stressed that his forecasts for an increase in the number of infections among Europeans were confirmed by laboratory tests. “Last month, we warned that another half a million lives could be lost by early 2022 if we do not take urgent action,” he recalled.

According to Kluge, the number of deaths has reached 4,100 per day. which is two times more in comparison with the indicated indicators in September. He noted that an increase in the incidence of COVID-19 is observed in all age groups, especially among citizens aged five to 14.

Previously, WHO epidemiologist Santiago Mas Coma said that the rapid spread of the omicron strain is due to the growth in international air travel seen in recent months. He compared all countries to cheese with holes: new strains penetrate through the gaps created by international air travel.



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