Oksimiron's latest album hits Top 5 on Spotify

Oksimiron's new album “Beauty and Ugliness” was on the fifth line of the top 5 of the Spotify chart

Ugliness ”hit the top 5 on the global Spotify streaming service chart. This was reported on the company's Twitter account.

The musician's latest release was on the fifth line. In the first place is the work of Jefe by hip-hop artist Ninho, followed by the album Sauce Boyz 2 by Eladio Carrión, and Nonante-Cinq by the singer Angèle. The fourth place was taken by Khalid with the release of Scenic Drive (The Tape).

In November, Oksimiron released a series of singles and videos for them. The artist's fans decided that he would soon release his first studio album in six years. It was supposed that the release will be released on November 12, but on this date the rapper did not publish an album, but a collection of old songs “Time of Troubles”, supplementing it with two new ones. The album was released on the evening of December 1. In the first few hours, netizens listened to the songs several million times.



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