Nutritionist lists foods that are essential for dental and bone health

Dietitian Lavski: Eating phosphorus-rich eggs and grains is good for dental health rich in phosphorus, said nutritionist and nutritionist Lera Lavsky, writes RIA Novosti.

This element is the second most abundant mineral in the body after calcium. “85 percent of phosphorus is found in bones and teeth, as well as in every cell of the body, as it is involved in the production of energy,” – explained the expert.

Lack of this mineral automatically leads to weak bones, joint pain and muscles, tooth decay, tinnitus, and anxiety. In addition, a person may have problems concentrating, children have growth and developmental delays.

Foods rich in phosphorus are fish, grains, vegetables, berries, fruits, legumes, meat, fish and eggs are healthy. The foods listed include the popular “Western Diet”. At the same time, adherents of this diet plan consume fried and salty foods, fast food, sugary foods and drinks. Often, such people have an excess of phosphorus, which leads to the same symptoms as a deficiency.

Previously, nutritionist Anna Drobysheva advised a cheap way to improve the condition of the teeth and oral cavity. According to her, rinsing the mouth with antibacterial sesame oil helps to destroy harmful microflora and neutralize toxins.