New versions of the incident with the nearly crashed S7 plane announced

Merited Pilot Sytnik: the co-pilot of the icy S7 plane made a mistake Magadan – Novosibirsk, which nearly crashed and made an emergency landing in Irkutsk. His words are quoted by REN TV.

As the pilot explained, during takeoff, the co-pilot allegedly interfered with the control of the airliner, which is a serious violation of existing instructions. “Firstly, they had to get out of the icing zone, and they tried to go to the second loop in Magadan. They did not turn off the autothrottle, but they had to immediately turn off the engine and fly all the way, “he commented.

Aviation expert Roman Gusarov agreed with his colleague and added that another mistake of the pilots was that they stayed too long at low altitudes. “The stages when takeoff and landing take place, when the plane passes through dense layers of the atmosphere and clouds, where there is high humidity and temperature conditions, where between plus and minus, they contribute to the rapid formation of ice,” he explained.

Earlier in December, Honored Pilot of the USSR, former Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR, Oleg Smirnov, named the possible reasons for the icing of an S7 airline. According to him, the anti-icing fluid could have been applied incorrectly, without completely clearing the vessel from snow and mud.

The emergency landing of an aircraft flying from Magadan to Novosibirsk became known on Friday, December 3. The incident took place on December 2. Almost immediately after takeoff, the autopilot suddenly turned off, and a second later turned on again. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Irkutsk.