In Russia, it was proposed to introduce restrictions on recording through the “State Services”

The RF Ministry of Digital Affairs proposed to introduce restrictions on the provision of services in electronic form “State services” of state and municipal services to impose restrictions on making an appointment. A draft of the corresponding resolution of the Russian government has been published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The restrictions are proposed to be extended to cases where, when a body or organization considers a request, an excess of the request limit is revealed. It was proposed to extend the same restriction to the MFC RF.

It is proposed that the limit will be determined by the administrative regulations for the provision of the service within the framework of limiting a certain number of requests that can be submitted within a certain period of time by one applicant until the result of the provision of the service is obtained or in in the event of a motivated refusal to use the service.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Technologies launched a notification service on the digital services of the compulsory medical insurance on the portal of state services. It will relieve the unnecessary burden on the staff of polyclinics and other medical organizations, as well as reduce the need for visits to medical institutions.



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