In Poland, assessed the exercise of Russian T-34

Defense24 considered Russian T-34-85 tanks to be standard military equipment

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the training of T-34 tank crews. The maneuvers of Russian tankers were appreciated in Poland. The exercises make it possible to consider T-34 tanks as standard military equipment, writes Defense24.

Tankers of the Kantemirovsk division of the Western Military District conducted a training session on T-34-85 tanks. The maneuvers were timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the start of the counteroffensive near Moscow. Tankers conducted live fire and practiced driving on rough terrain.

The publication notes that the training of tankers goes beyond the tasks faced by the crews of historic vehicles. The publication emphasized that the equipment for participation in the Victory Parade is being prepared in Alabino. “From the message of the Ministry of Defense, it follows that at other training grounds T-34 tanks are considered almost as standard military equipment in line units.” in regular units. The vehicle is regarded as a symbol of victory and the power of tank forces.

Earlier, British historian James Holland called the American M4 Sherman the best tank of the Second World War. The Spanish edition of ABC noted that the historian had forgotten about the Soviet T-34.

In November, the Czech edition of iDnes named the shortcomings of the Soviet T-35 tank. The multi-turret tank was a conspicuous target with insufficient protection.



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