Dina Saeva was compared to Kylie Jenner in a new candid photo

Dina Saeva starred in leather leggings in a public toilet and surprised fans

Russian blogger Dina Saeva, nicknamed “The Queen of TikTok candid photos and surprised fans. Pictures and comments appeared on her Instagram page.

The 22-year-old celebrity starred in a public toilet in a white long sleeve shirt and tight black leather leggings. In the featured footage, she looks in the mirror, posing next to a bag from the luxury brand Christian Dior. Saeva's hair is loose and laid in waves, and makeup in nude tones is applied to her face.

Subscribers reacted ambiguously to the blogger's appearance in the new images. So, some fans have compared her to the American TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. “She looks like Kylie with this color”, “At first I thought it was Kylie,” “The second Kylie Jenner,” “Mow under Kylie,” they said.