Crime boss Denisenko dies of coronavirus

Thief in law Alexander Denisenko dies of coronavirus in Ufa

Crime boss Alexander Denisenko, nicknamed Denis, died in Ufa after several months of a protracted illness coronavirus. This was reported on Tuesday, December 7, by

According to the newspaper, Denisenko had been in litigation with the Ministry of Health in the last months of his life in order to receive vital medicines. Shortly before that, he had a kidney transplant. After the transplant, he needed some medications, and in October 2021, through the prosecutor's office, he went to court demanding to provide him with foreign medicines for free.

Denisenko was prescribed domestic medications – the same are provided to all patients on a general basis. But the authority asked to provide him with imported medicines. The Ministry of Health of Bashkiria could not unilaterally replace drugs, since this is the prerogative of the federal department. In November, the Kirovsky court ruled to provide Denisenko with the requested medicines. The coronavirus was added to the complications after transplantation, the body of the crime boss could not stand it.

One of the most significant representatives of the Ufa criminal elite, Alexander Denisenko, was born in 1962. He was crowned at the age of 35 by Igor Molodtsov and Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodiy), the “overseer” in Ufa. He retired from criminal cases several years ago.