Weather forecaster warned of ice and cold weather in Moscow

Phobos forecaster Leus warned of ice and wet snow in Moscow “spoke about the weather for the next three days in the central part of the European territory of Russia: a Balkan cyclone will pass over the country, it will bring a large amount of precipitation and a cooling.

” Tomorrow Russia will fall under the influence of another Balkan cyclone, which will come from the southwest. There is a lot of moisture in it, since it was born in the seaside region. At the same time, tomorrow we will find ourselves in its warm sector, and on Wednesday we will have a cold front, on Thursday – the rear part, the western periphery, ”the expert shared.

Thus, in Moscow on Tuesday, December 7, wet snow is expected – from 10 to 15 millimeters of precipitation can fall per day, which is a quarter of the monthly norm. On the night of Wednesday, December 8, the temperature in the capital will drop to minus three to five degrees, and ice will form on the roads, Leus warned.

According to the meteorologist's forecast, the next days, December 9 and 10, will be frosty in Moscow region. “At the same time, in more northern regions, for example, Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions, it will be from minus 15 to minus 20, in the Moscow region, in its northern part, the temperature will drop to minus 16, in the southern – to minus 7,” the specialist concluded. .

Summing up, Leus noted that the forecast weather differs from the climatic norm.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, said that frosts down to minus 20 degrees and thaws are forecasted in Central Russia in winter. He said that, according to the long-term forecast, a global rise in temperature is expected.



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