Tula bikers rescued a dog drowning in a gutter

In the Tula region, bikers rescued the dog Til drowning in the gutter

In the Tula region, bikers rescued the dog drowning in the gutter. This was reported in the Tula Motosoyuz group on VKontakte.

“They warmed me up and took me to the veterinarian. We did the necessary primary procedures. The price tag, of course, for the repair of our smaller brothers is impressive … It is clear, of course, that no one needs a street dog from the word at all. Therefore, it was decided that if Thiel (named in honor of the upcoming Rammstein tribute concert in the M2 [club]) would lie down and get well, he would live. Perhaps even on the territory of the club, “the publication says.

Other posts indicate that the animal is on the mend. He was given the necessary injections and a treatment plan was drawn up, but there are still many costs ahead for his recovery and maintenance: he needs sanitization, additional tests and vaccinations. Bikers have opened a fundraiser to help Thiel.

“Now we are confident that the pesel will have a different, brighter life. Moreover, he now has his own stylish collar! ” – wrote members of the “Tula Motosoyuz”.

They added that the dog will live in the rock-club “M2”. In the near future there will be a special place for him to live.