TsIAN will prohibit renting housing “exclusively to Slavs”

CIAN: since February 2022, it is impossible to mention race, citizenship and religion in ads

Portal for real estate search CIAN decided to forbid renting and sell housing “exclusively to the Slavs.” From February 1, 2022, it is prohibited to include grounds for discrimination or incitement to discrimination in the texts of ads, according to the company's website.

As a rule, we are talking about mentioning race and ethnicity, including skin color, citizenship and religion. Before the ban came into force, the portal left users the opportunity to edit ads on their own – later the system will automatically correct incorrect texts.

“We advocate equal opportunities for all CIAN users and believe that this solution will become the industry standard in in the real estate sector, ”the company said. The service also invited other industry representatives to join the fight against discrimination.

Earlier, measures against discrimination were announced by another rental platform – the Russian Facebook group Flats For Friends. Community administrators have banned the publication of ads where the property owner is ready to provide housing only to a certain category of citizens. However, for discriminators, the site has developed a system of paid publications – you will have to pay 499 rubles for a post with strict requirements for a tenant.