The seller revealed a common method of theft in clothing stores

The blogger said that buyers are re-sticking price tags on things to save money are enjoyed by buyers. The video, which appeared on TikTok, was noticed by The Sun.

Blogger Dale O'Keeffe published a video in which he described how clients repeatedly tried to deceive him. The hero of the article explained that scammers re-pasted price tags on things in order to save money. However, according to him, sellers can always check the real value of any item, since this information is entered into the system.

“If sellers ask you about the price of a product, you should know that you have been caught stealing,” the man explained. added that if a mall employee offers you assistance while shopping, then most likely he considered your behavior suspicious. “This is how sellers are watching you,” he concluded.

Okif's stories about his past place of work made him famous on social networks: so far, his posts on TikTok have received more than 76 thousand likes. The viewers were surprised by the facts shared by the blogger, about which they began to write in the comments. “I'm shocked, I thought they really wanted to help”, “So my plan is not so brilliant”, “I always look suspicious?”, “You shocked me,” they said.

In May, another saleswoman uncovered a popular theft of clothing stores. Georgia Pontin said that one of the customers put on a new bra in a fitting room and discreetly hung the old one on a hanger while the consultant was not around.