The price of the cheapest housing in Moscow City has been announced

Skolkovo Realty: the cheapest apartments in Moscow City will cost 23 million rubles

the international business center “Moscow City” will cost 23.2 million rubles. This amount was named by the experts of the Skolkovo Realty agency; the research materials are at the disposal of

In total, 400 real estate objects are for sale in the center. The cheapest option is located in the Empire Tower complex and is an apartment on the 40th floor of a skyscraper. The apartment covers an area of ​​36 square meters.

The most expensive option is located on the 91st floor of the Federation Tower skyscraper. This is a penthouse of almost 2.2 thousand square meters. The object will have to pay 2.6 billion rubles.

According to analysts, in October 2021 demand for real estate in Moscow City increased by 34.4 percent compared to September – a record value since 2018 year. Compared to October 2020, the demand for housing in skyscrapers increased by 48 percent. The cost of a “square” is in the range from 253.8 thousand rubles to 2.5 million rubles.

In the summer of 2021, the cheapest apartment of 65 square meters in Moscow City was estimated at 30 million rubles. The cost of the most expensive object in this location has reached 2.6 billion rubles – we are talking about a penthouse with an area of ​​more than 2.1 thousand square meters, located on the 95th floor.