Chief Justice of Greece caught using cocaine and resigns

The deputy chairman of the Greek court resigned after being accused of using cocaine to resign after the accusations against him appeared on the network. They claim that the Chief Justice was caught using and possessing cocaine at home, as well as involving minors in the drug trade. The Greek edition NewsBreak writes about this.

The judge filed a letter of resignation a day after three foreign minors caught in his apartment building said that it was Eustratiu who supplied them with “goods.” The judge denies all charges and claims that he decided to resign solely for the sake of the prestige of the court.

According to media reports, on the night of December 4, police checked three suspicious young people in the southern suburbs of Athens. Cocaine was found on them. With the permission of the Minister of Justice, the house of the judge was searched, but the police freed Eustratiu: there is a special procedure for bringing judges to justice.