The plumber found three thousand bags of money in the wall of the church toilet

During the repair in the toilet of the American mega-church, thousands of bags with money were found

In the American city of Houston, Texas, a plumber found thousands of packages with money. Reported by KPRC-TV.

The incident took place in the Lakewood Evangelical Church – one of the largest religious institutions in the world, which is attended by more than 50 thousand people a week. In 2014, she became a victim of a theft, after which about 200 thousand dollars (15 million rubles) in cash and 400 thousand dollars (30 million rubles) in the form of checks were lost. Although a reward of 25 thousand dollars (1.8 million rubles) was announced for information about the kidnappers, the crime has not yet been solved.

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In November 2021, during repairs, about three thousand bags with money and checks were found in the wall of one of the megachurch toilets. “I removed the insulation and about 500 bags fell out from under it,” the plumber told 100.3 The Bull radio station. How the money ended up in the toilet, and whether the find was related to a theft seven years ago, has not yet been established.

Pastor Joel Austin was questioned by police, The Daily Boulder reported. Austin preaches at Lakewood Church and is considered an ardent supporter of the so-called prosperity gospel: the belief that wealth goes to the most devout Christians. His fortune is estimated at $ 50 million (3.7 billion rubles).

Earlier it was reported that the American preacher Kenneth Copeland called the vaccinations the seal of the Antichrist and explained that he needed a private plane to protect him from them. In 2018, the preacher demanded that parishioners donate $ 19.5 million (1.4 billion rubles) to build a hangar and repair the runway.



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