The Ministry of Health has promised to cure all Russians from hepatitis C by 2030

Chief infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health Chulanov: 700 thousand Russians will be cured of hepatitis C until 2030 year it is planned to cure all Russians diagnosed with hepatitis C, who are registered at the dispensary. His words are reported by Kommersant.

At the moment there are 700 thousand people, annually only 2-3 percent of them receive treatment. At the same time, Chulanov did not disclose the sources of funding for the program and the timing of its adoption.

In April 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the medical department to draw up a list of measures to reduce mortality from a number of diseases, including chronic viral hepatitis C. Patients fear delays execution of the instructions of the President and calls on the State Duma deputies to get involved in the discussion and development of measures.