The Ministry of Construction announced the readiness of the regions to do without migrants at construction sites

Head of the Ministry of Construction Fayzullin: every region is ready to work without migrants, it is necessary to train personnel

without migrants at construction sites on one condition. He told RIA Novosti that for this, you first need to train personnel.

“Of course, every region would be ready to work without them. But you need to prepare well for this, train personnel – and only those who are ready to move on to work on their own. You can't do it in one day, “the minister said.

According to Fayzullin, reducing the number of migrants is not a one-day procedure, since it is connected” with an increase in labor productivity and training.

Earlier in November, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that among district utilities in the capital there is a reserve for reducing the number of migrants, despite the fact that there are practically no migrants in large utilities. “They remained at the level of housing GBUshek, where there is a lot of janitorial work, rough and low-paid. But even there, it seems to me, there is a reserve where to move, “- urged Sobyanin.