Russian woman visited France and overheard conversations of local women about Russians

A Russian woman who has visited France found out that local women praise Russian men Russia. She shared her observations in a blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

First of all, the tourist learned that elderly European women praised Russian men for their ability to do almost everything. “Because it’s not like that in France! There are specialized people for every need. Why be able to do something when it's easier to pay and not bother. That's why they are French, to allow any expenses, even for household chores, “- explained the author of the blog.

In addition, French women believe that people from Russia scold a lot. “The Russian language, in their opinion, sounds very boldly from the outside in its intonation. So we also use mat through the word. This is their personal memory from a trip to Russia, “the traveler found out.

In addition, in Russia, it seemed to foreigners that local residents hardly drink water, but instead quench their thirst with juice or tea. At the same time, in France, according to the Russian woman, they drink a lot of water, and in restaurants they always bring it before meals, even if they have not ordered it.

In October, a Russian tourist, often vacationing in Turkey, listed the locals questions to the Russians. The girl noted that Turks often ask about higher education. According to the traveler, local residents believe that university studies are compulsory in Russia. Turks also admire Russians' love of reading.



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