The lost dog saved his family from the fire and was reunited with the owners

The dog returned home thanks to the rescue of the people who sheltered him from death her family in the US state of Virginia. This is reported by USA Today.

Charity Galloway and her two children were relaxing at home when a dog named Butter, recently picked up by them, began barking under her bedroom window. It turned out that a fire had started in the booth where the dog lived and which was located only one and a half meters from the American woman's house. The fire was caused by the light bulb that Galloway used to heat Butter at night.

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Thanks to the desperate barking of the dog, the fire was detected in time. Volunteer firefighters arrived at the scene and the Galloway family was evacuated from the blazing house and rescued from dying in the fire. Firefighter Justin Steadham said that as soon as the dog noticed the fire, it rushed to warn people.

“If it weren't for him, who knows what might have happened. It could have been much worse. I am very grateful to this dog, ”said the owner of the house. Hearing a dog barking, the woman's son tried to shoot down the flames with a garden hose. “The fire spread very quickly,” Galloway said.

After Steadham posted a photo of the animal on social media and praised Butter for saving the family, the dog's owners contacted Galloway. It turned out that Butter's real name was Cooper, and the owners had been looking for him since the summer. But before returning it to the owners, Galloway wants to reward the furry hero with a steak.

“He will leave us, and it upsets me to tears, but I'm happy for him. We will continue to communicate, “said Galloway.

Earlier it was reported that a puppy in the United States sensed a fire in the wall and did not leave the faulty outlet until the owners called the firefighters. The owner of the pet stressed that her pet had never done anything like this before, so it shocked the owners.