The European Union did not believe in the US statement about Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine

FT: At first, the European Union did not believe in the US intelligence information about Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine

Some countries of the European Union (EU) at first did not believe in the US statement about the allegedly possible “invasion” of Russia in Ukraine. The Financial Times writes about this with reference to sources.

As one of the interlocutors of the publication said, “many allies were not convinced that serious things were happening” and reacted with distrust to the data of American intelligence. “We were surprised by this intelligence difference – how and why the US saw what we don’t see.”

According to the FT, Washington had to go for unusually wide intelligence disclosures in early November in order to convince its allies of Europe, which allowed “to switch the conversation from whether the warning was correct to how best to contain” the possible “aggression” of Russia.

In November, The New York Times reported, citing American and European officials, that Russia is supposedly already ready to invade Ukraine and the Western states have little time to prevent it. The attack could happen soon enough, the newspaper noted.

In addition, Bloomberg reported that, according to United States intelligence, Russia intends to attack Ukraine in 2022 from three sides. According to Ukrainian intelligence, this will happen in late January or early February.

At the same time, Russia has repeatedly denied information about an allegedly impending invasion of Ukraine. Thus, President Vladimir Putin indicated that the possibility of bringing Russian troops to Ukraine was discussed at the beginning of the year, but this has not yet happened. In turn, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also assured that Moscow is not going to attack anyone, and called the hysteria that is currently being whipped up in the Western media on this topic unacceptable.



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